Uzbekistan accedes to e-CMR

Uzbekistan accedes to e-CMR

Uzbekistan has become the 29th country to ratify the use of the digital consignment note, based on the UN’s CMR Convention, for all national and international transports from and to the country.

This important step is in line with the joint call by the transport ministries of the Europe-Caucasus-Asia International Transport Corridor (TRACECA) and IRU experts, to fully digitalise commercial road transport documents.

A double landlocked country, Uzbekistan will benefit from e-CMR to become more connected to its 13 neighbours in the TRACECA region, eight of which have already acceded to the e-CMR protocol.

«To reap the benefits of e-CMR, we encourage all the countries in the region to accede to and operationalise e-CMR through pilot projects. Trade is about being connected and this tool is what will get us there.»


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