Tajikistan boosts regional connectivity in Central Asia with digital TIR

Tajikistan boosts regional connectivity in Central Asia with digital TIR

The first digital TIR movement from Tajikistan is a major step towards greater transport digitalisation and regional connectivity in Central Asia.

Tajikistan joins Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, where digital TIR was launched in November 2020. Greater TIR digitalisation in the region will support secure, legal and efficient trade and transit. 

Three trucks laden with beverages left Tajikistan and transited through Uzbekistan to reach their final destination in Kazakhstan. The TIR guarantees were handled digitally and operators used the TIR-EPD electronic pre-declaration system to further streamline customs procedures. 

This is a milestone in a regional trade facilitation project led by IRU, with support from the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the US Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP), in close cooperation with national customs authorities, and IRU members in the region.

IRU is working to support further TIR digitalisation to prepare the public and private sectors for the immediate next step – full implementation of eTIR in line with the new Annex 11 of the TIR Convention, which enters into force on 25 May. 

eTIR has been recognised by the UN Secretary General as a vital tool to boost trade during and following the pandemic. 

For more information, please contact IRU’s TIR and Transit team.

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